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past projects

ZIP-UP paid a visit to the Nungua persons with a disability community meeting where we discussed how to nurture their individual and collective abilities to help improve their standards of living. A few items were given to them after the meeting to support and push the economic self-independent agenda Zip-up had a day program in partnership with the Nungua Methodist School. The program promoted personal hygiene and self-care with the young ladies and the gentlemen. Resource persons took them through a talk and details of persons who need health care. That was achieved with the consent of students, teachers, and parents. Sanatory and school items were given to students to aid in their studies. ZIP-UP in collaboration with persons with Disability Center Ghana and The Akropong School of Blind had a talent scouting program where many talents were discovered among the students. The program gave them the hope that they have been waiting for; thus, to possess the art industry in a few years to come.