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short term project

The short-term projects will include • Scholarships for persons with disability in orphanage communities or institutions • Annual JHS, SHS, and Tertiary Institutions Debate • Provide business start-up resources for persons with a mobility challenge. Scholarships Persons with disabilities need special care and support. However, the realities of people with disabilities who live with family and that of those who live in orphanage homes and institutions are quite different. Though the reverse might be true in some cases, we believe PWDs who are orphans have no other person but their supervisors hence the need for the secretariat to step in and assist exceptional students to climb to the higher educational ladder. The scholarship will cover Tuition, accommodation if need be and allowances agreed upon by the board of directors. However, the Secretariat shall not be responsible for all other expenses like medical bills, daily transportation around, and feeding. WHO QUALIFIES? • Person must be living with a disability and has lost a parent • Must be brilliant and exceptional in their field of study • Must not have a condition that is life-threatening to the individual and others • Must not have any criminal record • Must be mentally fit to pursue the program Annual Debate The annual debate is aimed at building the youth to learn public speaking and articulate their thoughts such that, they can have healthy conversations. The goal is to curb the mess of verbal abuse where people mostly resort to offensive and abusive language to air their views in their quest to win arguments. Secondly, the debate is a mental exercise for students to train themselves to be critical thinkers. The program will concentrate on building student leadership traits and enhancing their negotiation skills. START-UP CAPITAL FOR PERSONS WITH MOBILITY CHALLENGES There is a saying among the Akan people that goes “there is no better advice than take this (capital) and start a life with” It is not enough to inspire people to live an independent life in a competitive world where the variables are different and the odds are not so much in their favor. It is, for this reason, we want to bridge the gap by providing training and capital to persons with mobility challenges who are willing to make a living for themselves. WHY PERSONS WITH MOBILITY CHALLENGES? People live in different challenges and conditions. As much as we as an organization would want to assist and help all, it is nearly impossible to do all that at a time. Hence the decision to start with persons with mobility challenges. That is not to say persons living with other challenges are not a priority to us. Everybody is important and as time goes on, we hope to be able to touch more lives however, for now, our focus is on persons with mobility challenges.